Kıbrıs Tıbbi Maske

Cyprus Medical Mask

As you know, the types of masks that provide the most effective protection against the corona virus are known as medical masks. The medical mask, which effectively filters all bacteria, infections and viruses, is especially…

Kıbrıs Toptan Maske

Cyprus Wholesale Mask

95% products on the market are of low quality, there are products that do not have BACTERY / VIRUS filtering feature, which can only be used as a DUST mask under the name of MEDICAL MASK without complying with hygiene rules.

Kıbrıs 3 Katlı Maske

Cyprus 3 Layer Mask

Cyprus 3-Layer Mask With the increase in corona virus cases, people have started to search for companies where they can supply Cyprus 3-layer masks. If we examine the protection rate of the masks closely, the 3-layer one ...



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