EN 14683 Type IIR Outer Layer Inner Layer 3-LAYER BACTERIA AND VIRUS FILTER MASK SS Bond - Non Woven
External Liquid Permeability
Preventive Fabric
Middle Layer SS Bond Non Woven
Allergy Free - Breath
Easy to Buy
Meltblown - Non Woven
BFE> Bacteria and
Virus Filtered Special Fabric
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Why Standards Compliant Filtering Masks Should Be Used | Sunsel Care

Particles carrying bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases are dispersed into the air during speech, breathing, coughing and sneezing by asymptomatic persons carrying the disease. Not wearing the correct mask and / or mask causes healthy people to be exposed to these airborne infectious disease-carrying particles at the highest degree. The use of international standard masks minimizes the risk of exposure to these particles.


The explanations of experts in many countries can be provided by using BFE> 98%, KN95, N95, FFP2 OR FFP3 quality masks to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria to others. Likewise, the risk of contamination of the disease is minimized by using certified, standard-compliant masks in the same way for healthy people. Sunsel Care produces filter masks that comply with high standards.

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Why is that MymeddMASK Should it be used? | Sunsel Care

95% of the masks on the market are of low quality, non-compliant with hygiene rules, and most importantly, they can only be used as a dust mask under the name of medical masks, and they do not have any bacteria / virus filtering feature.


The production of disposable 3-layer meltblown filter medical masks is made in accordance with the standards by using ultrasonic fully automatic production and packaging system. In the laboratory accredited by the European Accreditation Association (EA) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Association (İLAC) by Sunsel Care; It has passed all of the EN14683 type IIR conformity tests applied to our medical masks we manufacture.


In this direction, we have decided to make this investment with the aim of offering the right product to our society and offering a reliable mask produced in a healthier environment and more protected against the current covit-19 virus.

Ultrasonic Fully Automatic Production

It is the production of masks with the ultrasonic system without touching the hygiene conditions and packaging the products in bags in 10 pieces in the Flow Packetting device without touching the hand.

TS EN 14683 Standards

They are the masks with CE certificate. It is used in operating rooms and medical environments with similar features.

3 Layer Bacteria / Virus Filtering

Our Medimask masks are 3-layered, non-woven SS bond fabric inside and outside, meltblown in the middle (nonwoven fabric that filters bacteria and viruses) is used.

3 floors

SS Bond Non Woven fabric is used inside and outside of our mask, and Meltblown fabric is used in the middle.

Bfe> 98%

Our masks protect against bacteria and viruses at least 98 percent.

Non Woven Material

Non Woven fibers are a type of fabric produced by combining heat and chemical methods.


Our masks are combined with a special combination method without the use of thread and glue.

Untouched Production

Our mask is produced in the automation system without human touch and is packaged in 5 and 10 packages on the production line.

Does not contain latex

Our masks do not contain latex products

Does not irritate your skin

The fabrics used in our masks are soft and do not irritate your skin due to use.

Doesn't Prevent Your Breathing

SS bond and meltblown fabrics used in our masks do not make it difficult to breathe on the back of your mask.

Does not cause allergies

Our mask does not cause allergies.

Rubber Earphone

Our masks protect against bacteria and viruses by 98 percent.

Adjustable Nose Wire

Non Woven fibers are a type of fabric produced by combining heat and chemical methods.


Our masks are combined with a special combination method without the use of thread and glue.


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